Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mortgage Calculator Template Introduction

Click on this link to download the Monthly Mortgage Calculator Microsoft Excel Template.

The Monthly Mortgage Payment template I created is a little different than most Mortgage calculators that you will find on the internet. Most internet Mortgage calculators will only calculate what your monthly payment will be based on the amount of the loan.

My template does this, but it also lets you plug in some other useful monthly payment information that will give you a more accurate estimate of what your monthly budget will look like.

One great feature of the template is that it is small enough and it's formatted to run on a Palm Treo 700w. It will probably run any PDA that runs Excel but the Tre0 700w is what I have tested it on. It comes in handy when you are out shopping for houses and you want to know how much your total monthly payment will be.


Anonymous said...
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joni_123 said...

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Vance said...

This is really helpful. A lot of us many times calculate the wrong mortgage rate. I am glad that this is going to be very helpful and help us plan.
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הדר said...

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